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Catastrofe (english tutorial)

Click on the image for truth size.


Vertical tube highest 375 pixels

Preset Shape:
Div 32

DSB flux
Eye Candy 3.1

Download material

1. Copy the preset shape Div5 to your preset shapes file in My PSP Files.
Open the tube in psp

2. Take two colors with you piped out your color tube, light forefront colour on a dark backgound color, I have chosen for white and black

3. Open a new image 500 x 500 transparent.

4. Activate preset shape tool, Div 32, create as vectorlayer , anti alias active and width 5

5. Pull the preset shape from left above to Right under

6. Objects - align - center in canvas

7. Layers - convert to rasterlayer

8. Effects – plugins - DSB Flux – gears 44-17

9. Layers - duplicate

10. Image - resize - 80%
resize all layers not active

11. Image - rotate - free rotate – right 90

12. Go to your tube,
edit - copy

13. Return to your image,
edit - paste - paste as a new layer

14. Activate move tool and move your tube to the lower part

15. Activate preset shape tool ellipse, pull the shape over your tube.
create as vectorlayer , anti alias active and width 5

16. Activate text tool, search for a beautiful font
institutions on own insight

17. stand with your mouse on the edge of the circle, now the A will stand crooked and there comes a half circle under the A.

18. Click now on your left mouse button and type your text

19. Go to your layer palette and click on the cross which state for the vector layer

20. click on the eye behind the Ellipse in your layer palette

21. Layers - convert to rasterlayer

22. Activate raster deform tool, turn the word this way that the lower part right stands

23. Activate move tool, move the word on the correct spot
(see example)

24. Effect – plugins – Eye Candy 3.1 - glow – Width 20- color white
other institution stands good.

25. Layers-new rasterlayer, place on this your water mark

26. Layers - merge - merge visible

27. File - export - GIF optimizer


Partial transparency:

28. Save and ready is Catastrofe.
We are very curious to your development of this tutorial.

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